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What You Should Know About Colombian Culture And Relationships

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What`s dating in Colombia like? What are the possible challenges a foreign man can face when meeting a girl from this country? Is dating really like a rollercoaster and soap opera described in movies and series? You never know until you try. But you can find some useful information on the topic below.

Peculiarities of Columbia dating

Dating hot Latin women. What can be more amazing? Passion, love, dance, music. Sounds like a dream. Is it always like that? How is it different from dating in America or Europe?

Gender roles

Colombian people still live to the principle that men should make the first move. Men are expected to be leaders in their relationships. They ask girls out and arrange dates. So women rarely approach guys and introduce themselves. However, it doesn`t mean they aren`t interested in dating. They are! Just keep a sharp lookout for how she looks at you, smiles, giggles. Usually, women let you know they`re into you using body language and other non-verbal communication.

Colombian woman

Paying the bill

Another example of gender role distinction. As a rule, women have no doubt their date will reach out for the bill. When a man pays, he looks independent, strong, reliable, and powerful in women`s eyes. It turns them on and makes them admire a guy. Nonetheless, this tendency is changing a bit today. Some women offer to go Dutch and split the bill. Usually, men refuse. But it still looks just like a gesture of woman politeness (which men appreciate). But some ladies really insist as they don`t want to feel they owe something to a man. Still, it`s not so widely-spread in Colombia as in America, Australia, or Canada.


Colombian girls are believed to be all that hot and sexy, passionate and emotional. It`s usually true but not in a way everyone depicts it in their heads. In fact, women from Colombia are much more modest, humble, and simple. Let alone that all women are very different. But it`s still true you can expect much more in the way of public display of affection from Latin ladies than from Western girls. Holding hands, kissing, cuddling, touching is totally fine and even required.


Despite the fact that lots of Colombians cheat and may date a few people simultaneously, they still can`t stand when they`re not the “only one”. Girls are especially possessive, jealous, and demanding. So when you`re on a date with a pretty Colombian girl, don`t play games with her. Believe it, you don`t want this mess to happen. Talking to other women, smiling, and looking fascinatingly at them isn`t the best idea. You`d better not take your eyes off the girl you`ve asked out. Then you`ll be rewarded, not punished.

What are Colombian dating customs?

Let`s see what traditions and habits Colombians have when dating.

  • ‌Families.‌ Colombians consider it`s totally fine to invite a boyfriend/girlfriend home, so they can`t but get acquainted with the whole family (often grandparents, parents, kids, and even aunts and uncles live together). Colombians have a very family-oriented culture. Couples visit all relatives` birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, etc. together so they can learn about their partner`s family better.
  • ‌Mothers.‌ What you`ve heard about mothers from Colombia isn`t a myth at all. They`re usually very involved in what`s going on in their kids` lives. They ask many questions, call a lot during the day, and expect to be told everything about the relationships their children have. It`s a normal state of things in Colombia. Don`t be afraid of your mother-in-law. And don`t go mad when your partner needs an extra hour to talk to their mum. It`s a custom.
  • Friends.‌ When dating a Colombian, you not only get an amazing partner and all their extended family. You also get a bunch of friends. Their friends just become yours too. It`s usually a great advantage for foreigners who come to the country and don`t have many acquaintances around. Don`t worry. You`ll have folk to hang around or party with. Moreover, be sure you can share your secrets with them. Colombians are usually very loyal friends. Thus, being in a relationship means never feel lonely.

dating etiquette

Сolombian dating etiquette

What are do`s and dont`s in Colombian dating culture?

  • ‌Stereotypes.‌ Try to forget about all the myths you know about the Colombians (but maybe not the one about the mothers-in-law). When Latinos date, they don`t judge a person by who they`re, where they come from, what language they speak, or what education they have. They just enjoy the process and don`t hide feelings.
  • ‌Punctuality.‌ No one worries about being on time for the date, especially girls. Being 30 minutes late isn`t even considered a late arrival. Latinos have no sense of urgency and zero sense of punctuality. They rarely hurry and don`t understand why foreigners are often so stressed out because of such a trifling thing as being a bit late.
  • Flirting.‌ A lack of directness is certainly not an issue for most men from Colombia. They`re really flirty and full of vim. If they like a girl, it`s doubtful they`ll let themselves lose a chance. They`ll come up and make the first move. It might even look annoying but charming. Women, on their part, are more reserved and usually wait for a guy to understand her hints that she likes him.

You and your Сolombian dating experience

Colombian customs, dating traditions, and habits can be sometimes too confusing and tricky for foreigners. Still, it doesn`t mean Westerners aren`t interested and want to avoid all that dating experience. Usually, being in a relationship with a Colombian is an adventurous and extremely pleasurable journey. Be free of stereotypes and have fun!