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Marrying A Jamaican Woman: Perks And Pitfalls Of Single Jamaican Ladies

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What do you know about beautiful Jamaican ladies? The knowledge of most people who have visited the island is limited to "plump, loud, with long bright fingernails, wearing tight clothes." Some also add that "they don't like to cook, they like money, and they suppress men." Now, let’s find out what pretty single Jamaican ladies really are!

Peculiarities you have to know before dating a Jamaican woman

First of all, when people say "Jamaican women," it doesn’t equate to “dark-skinned ladies.” Jamaica is a country of different people.

Jamaican woman


Jamaican females are genuine fashionistas regardless of their finances. The main "money drain" item is clothes, jewelry, accessories, and shoes. There could be hundreds of pairs.

Body positivity

Jamaican women like themselves in any weight. They wear the shortest dresses they can find, put on makeup, do their hair, and go to a club party.

Good culinary skills

Every Jamaican lady can cook, but she usually doesn't. And if she finds a man who can cook well, she lets him make dishes without arguing. And a woman will work as it’s more interesting than cooking.

High self-esteem

Jamaican beauties won't grovel before men. She won't beg and plead with him. She won't take a beating. If anything happens, she'll pack up and leave. She'll make a scandal in the street, so everybody knows what happened. Jamaican women have a habit of sorting things out in public.

Single Jamaican ladies

Own principles

Despite their mini shorts and tops, Jamaican brides are modest. They won't show up at a nudist beach, but they will probably come in shorts and T-shirts at a regular beach. And that's how they will go to the seaside. It's not because they are too shy, but it's unacceptable to be naked in front of others.

Do single Jamaican women become good wives?

That’s the first question men ask when they’re eager to marry a Jamaican girl. What is the second one? It's “do Latin women like white men” as every man wants to know his chances.

So, Jamaicans think of family first. For her, the words “if you have love, you have everything you need” don't work. When a real man shows up, he has to take care of a woman and her family and do everything possible so that his beloved won’t need anything. Remember, if you agree on marrying a Jamaican woman, she’s ready to support you all her life, take care of you, and protect you. And, you will be required to do the same.

Of course, Jamaican women are different. They can be either kind, sweet, caring, or self-centered, and scandalous. Her attitude depends on what to give to her. Be honest and loving, and you’ll get it double.

Places to avoid when dating a Jamaican woman

Jamaica is full of Latin women looking for marriage, who don't mind having an affair with a foreigner and moving in with him, but you should be careful with dating as a lot of dishonest girls can just shake you down for some cash. So, meeting Jamaican women isn't suitable at:

Jamaican females
  • Clubs and bars. These places are crowded at night with ladies looking for a rich man to treat her with a couple of drinks. So, don’t expect that a girl will agree to date you, as she might just leave.
  • Beaches. Don’t look among the women working on the beach. Massage therapists, salesgirls. Most of them aren’t interested in anything but money, and they have husbands and kids at home.

Where to find great Jamaican brides?

Here's where you’d better meet Jamaican women:

  • On the street. Yes, it's easier than that. Just walk up with a smile and talk to a Jamaican girl. Jamaicans are friendly and willingly make contact.
  • Internet dating. The most convenient option. You can find a suitable candidate right from your seat, and after chatting for a short time, come to meet a Jamaican girl, and maybe even take her with you.

Things to know about dating a Jamaican woman

No matter how well you know things Latin girls like in men, you still need to follow some clear rules to avoid disappointment in the relationship.

  • Check the grounds. When you meet Jamaican woman, it’s worth checking if she is single as it could be that she already has a boyfriend and you’re considered just a good friend.
  • Show her you can do all the things that the Jamaican people think a man should be able to do. In general, a man must do laundry, cook, and keep the house clean.
  • Take a shower every day. Or better yet, several times a day, and change into a clean T-shirt after showering. Jamaica is a hot country, and no one is interested in sweaty and smelly men.
  • Never say “no” if a woman asks you for money. Women need money for hairdressers, nails, clothes, and shoes. Beautiful Jamaican ladies aren’t the "We’ll earn our own money" kind. You are a man, and if you want to have a beautiful woman next to you, contribute to it.
  • Give her money to help her family. For a Jamaican woman, her family comes first. If there is no money, say you can't help "right now," but that you will help as soon as you can. Don't forget to keep your promise. Jamaican men do just that. They even give you a specific time when they can assist.
  • Don't forget that a woman doesn't have to spend all her time with you. She should have her own time. She can go out with her girlfriends, go to parties. She won't even ask permission; she'll just let you know. Even if you already live together, she may go next door for a couple of hours. You don't have to follow her around.
  • Respect Jamaican dating and marriage traditions. Show that you are a strong and independent man. A Jamaican woman doesn't need another kid—she needs a real supportive man.
  • Hold her hand as you walk together. In Jamaica, it's not very popular to show your affection when you’re in Jamaican women dating thing, so she'll be impressed. Pay more attention to her.
Jamaican beauties

Bottom line

Undoubtedly, you may find gorgeous girls in every country. That’s always a good idea to admire the fair sex in a foreign land. Still, if you look at single Jamaican women, you won’t stay indifferent. Not sure? Meet Jamaican girls and check it out right now!