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Latinawoman.org is a part of Dating-Network.com platform providing you up-to-date reviews on dating sites where you can find a soulmate. Here you also get to know foreign cultures, customs, and mindsets better to have a successful international relationship. We are a team of people who cover all the dating world and all the niches in this area. Our main purpose is your happy cross-cultural dating.

How do we achieve our goals?

Before giving our readers any recommendations we check if the websites we offer are reliable, whether they meet all selection criteria, and that all the geographical regions are involved.

Individual website testing

To provide our users with the highest level of quality service as possible, and to enter all the dating niches, our team is working in different directions. First, we personally test, monitor, and approve all the already existing websites. We need to make sure our visitors receive only trustworthy and credible sources for seeking their soulmates. We make our own reviews based on personal website experience and then create ratings to show how we reflect the quality of a website.

Websites dedicated to different regions

In order to ensure that there's something for someone on our platform, the latinawoman.org team is looking for different websites that are dedicated to Latin region. For now, we also have several sites that provide information on meeting women from other of the world:

  • latinawoman.org
  • russiawoman.org
  • ukrainianwoman.org

How we review websites?

We publish websites that not only look appealing to our team members but also meet specific criteria. This helps us avoid prejudice and filter all the websites that we've already tested. The main selection criteria are:

  • registration;
  • usability
  • profiles
  • safety
  • prices
  • special features

We give each website a score that users can see and define for themselves how they meet these criteria. The score is ranked from 1 to 5. There's also a special bar for users who's already familiar with a website and can leave their own score for it. It's measured in stars that are also ranked from 1 to 5.


By this, we mean the ease of setting up a profile on a website:

  • how long does it take a user to fill in the main information;
  • how quickly do you get your profile reviewed and approved;
  • how much personal information should there be on your profile;
  • is the registration paid or free, etc.


Usability shows how friendly the website's UI and UX are. By this, we measure the ease of navigation, design, search options and filters, and is there a support team, for example. Usability includes all the features that help a website be as simple to use as possible.


Our team always checks if the profiles on a particular website are real or at least verified. We also have a look at if they're well filled with information, how trustworthy they are, and if there are many profiles that leck personal information and look suspicious. We're always checking on girls' profiles to help you avoid scams or high expectations from the website.


This part includes all the safety features including privacy policy, live 24/7 support team, verifications by payment services like Visa and antivirus software like McAfee, and non-disclosure statements. We need to make sure your personal information won't be shared with a third party or used in a website's own intentions. We also have a look at if the website provides any privacy protection or security services or at least gives you any safety instructions.


Here, we check how expensive it is to use a particular website. This includes:

  • are there paid premium, gold, or other types of subscriptions or monthly plans;
  • how much do credits cost;
  • is the registration free or paid;
  • how much are specific features available on the website etc.

We compare a website's pricing model with other similar ones and see if it's above or below average, or if it's almost the same as the other platforms. This way, we can help you choose a good-quality website without the urge to pay extra for the same features or services.

Special features

This section shows if a website has any unique features that might be interesting to users. By this, we mean:

  • the ability to send real and virtual gifts;
  • how wide is the range of communication means;
  • the opportunity to arrange a real-life date with a lady etc.;

This criterion shows how well-groomed and customer-oriented a website is. If it has at least a couple of any special features and isn't too expensive to use, you'll definitely find it on our list!

We're happy to see you at Latinawoman.org. We're always here to help you find a soulmate and provide top-level services!

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